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X Out Pest Services

Our mission is to help people live healthy lives, which starts with a pest free and healthy home. The safety of children, pets, and the environment is our number one priority. Our customized pest control treatments penetrate the nesting and feeding areas of targeted pests in and around your home reducing an average of 96% of common household pests and preventing 89% of future pest related allergens and diseases in your home.

*Plus our solutions are formulated with smart product technology, applied with safer application procedures, and provide a simple yet more effective scope of pest management so it is better for your family and pets while delivering the results you expect. And, we provide protection from pests year round by maintaining an exterior pest barrier on your home making us the more convenient choice for pest extermination. All of this means X Out protects your health and home like no one else. But don't take our word for it, look what our customer's say about us online!

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Peace of Mind

We deliver results. When you choose X Out to protect your home, you choose experienced pest professionals dedicated to delivering the highest level of service, quality, and dependability in the pest control industry. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that comes from having a safe, healthy, pest free home.

As professional exterminators in Texas since 2006, our seasoned team of pest specialists is dedicated to constant learning through continued education in the classroom and in the field building an unparalleled level of experience in pest, termite, mosquito, bedbug, and rodent control. We believe in doing things the right way the first time and every time. Join the many others and experience the difference!

Heart of Service

We go above and beyond to assure you experience the kind of service you will be happy to recommend to family, friends, and neighbors.  With flexible scheduling of same day and next day services available, an easy to reach office staff, and dependable technicians, our team consistently serves at the highest level.

Combining our seasoned staff of service oriented professionals with advanced pest control technology is how we consistently live up to the reputation we have built in delivering the best results in our industry. 

There is a difference, experience better today!

Read Why Our Customers Love Us

Here are just a few of our hundreds of 5 star reviews...

Jimmy B.

Georgetown, TX

"X Out is absolutely awesome! Long story short, I bought a new house and a few days later had an unexpected pest problem (which escalated very quickly) and they were able to be flexible with my busy schedule and fully take care of my ordeal! They were quick, explained what they were doing and very thorough. Not to mention the outgoing attitude and friendly chit chat. Highly recommend these services!"

Ademir S.

Georgetown, TX

“They were absolutely fantastic! On time, personable, fast and knowledgeable!”

Mark J.

Austin, TX

Danny was Great and very friendly and got the job done in a timely manner. Due to his excellent service i will be referring X Out Pest Services.”

Hollye P.

Austin, TX

“Very prompt and courteous services. The technician took time to explain the services from the beginning to the end. This company also sends follow up emails to ensure your problem has resolved & offers additional information on how to get maximum results after treatment.”

Ester D.

Cedar Park, TX

“Love X Out, very professional, on time, great customer service!! Heath is a wealth of information when it comes to pest control; best company out here & I have used many!! I have referred them to many people in my area”

Ester D.

Cedar Park, TX

“Love X Out, very professional, on time, great customer service!! Heath is a wealth of information when it comes to pest control; best company out here & I have used many!! I have referred them to many people in my area”

Pest Extermination and Prevention

Control of every type of pest

From ants, spiders, scorpions, wasps, roaches, mice or rats, to mosquitos and even termites we tailor our services to control every type of pest in and around your home. We use the highest quality products specifically designed for the pests we are targeting. At X Out Pest Services, we use proven methods for guaranteed superior results. All our services are guaranteed and we have the best guarantee in the business!

An interior and exterior approach

After we eliminate pests from the interior of your home we keep them out and prevent them from coming back by maintaining a barrier of protection around the exterior of your home. Our exterior pest treatments are typically all that are needed to sustain protection and keep complete pest control on the inside and outside of your home, however, inside treatments are always FREE upon request or as needed.

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