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Termites eat and destroy the structure of your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage to home owners every year.  Would you know it if you had termites in your home?  Sometimes termites can go undetected, eating away at your home for years before you even know it.  Why live in fear wondering if you have termites or not or if you might get them or not.  Whether you need termite extermination or termite prevention, we have a multifaceted solution that will work for you.

From time-proven traditional methods to the very latest technology and products, we can take action in protecting your home from being damaged by termites. You’ll never have to worry that your home may be compromised by these destructive pests.


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In most cases, the best choice for termite control is a Termidor SC termite treatment. This preferred high-quality treatment is the industry pinnacle and includes:

  • Termidor SC treatment at and around the most succeptable termite areas
  • installation of access ports
  • treatment of bath traps and other plumbing areas
  • treatment of active areas inside your home
  • an optional warranty of five to ten years
  • Free Termite Inspections/Consultations

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We also offer Termite Monitoring/Bait Systems, a choice that provides quarterly monitoring of bait stations, application of termiticides to areas where termites are active and the option of a lifetime warranty. We can spot treat with Termidor or Premise Foam as well, making sure we hit all areas of current and previous activity and areas vulnerable to termite infestation.

While some termite infestations are tougher to treat than others, there’s no termite problem beyond the many solutions available from X Out Termite Control Services. We have the widest possible array of products and services available to make sure you get peace of mind when it comes to  termite control.

Our business is built on delivering peace of mind for homeowners who want to make sure pests don’t interfere with the enjoyment of their homes.  When you choose our professional termite services, you’re choosing licensed and experienced industry leaders who provide dependable and high-quality termite services on which you can trust and depend.

For termite control, there’s no better choice than proven X Out Termite Services.  We have appointments available right away so don’t delay. Get the peace of mind you need and get rid of the threat of damaging termites by contacting us today for a FREE Termite Inspection and Professional Termite Consultation.

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