As X Out ® Pest Services, LLC continues to grow and expand throughout the U.S. we want to insure that each customer always feels like they are our most important customer, because they are.  We want to always provide that local personal touch that good small businesses strive to deliver.  One of the ways we continue to provide that personal touch is leaving the door to our ownership and management team open to our customers.  Instead of hiding behind the curtains so to speak, our management team is right here for you and happy to hear from you.  “Although most calls our management team receives are compliments, if you have a problem with our service we want to hear about it so we can work to resolve it.”


Founder & Owner of X Out ® Pest Services, LLC:

Heath Petersen – The Founder & Owner of X Outpest control ® has been in the pest control industry since April 2003 and founded X Out ® Pest Services, LLC in Dallas, Texas in 2006. Heath and his brothers have successfully expanded X Out ® to four different states.  The success of X Out ® is primarily the result of providing superior service and delivering superior results through the combination of hard work and new pest control technology.  “The results of our services speak for themselves.” Heath is grateful for every customer and strives to insure that all X Out ® customers have the absolute best pest control service in each of the areas X Out ® serves. Heath is also a Husband, Father, Cancer Survivor, Avid Hunter & Outdoorsman. Heath personally manages and oversees the Austin, Texas location and occasionally assists in other locations as needed.  See contact page for contact info…




Owner & President of X Out ® – Phoenix, Arizona location:


Levi Petersen – The owner and president of the Phoenix, AZ location has been in the pest control industry since 2003 and has been a major key to the success and growth of X Out ® Pest Services, LLC.  After helping build the X Out ® – Dallas, TX location from 2007 to 2010 Levi was made partner in the Dallas location.  In 2010 Levi and his family moved to the Phoenix, AZ area to start a new X Out ® location there, where since 2013 Levi has been the Independent Owner and President of the Phoenix, AZ location. Levi strives to insure that each customer in the Phoenix area continuously receives the ultimate in service and pest protection. Levi is also a Husband, Father, Business Owner, Athlete, and Avid Sports Fan.  See contact page for contact info…



Managing Partner & President of X Out ® – St. George, Utah location:

T.J. family

T.J.Petersen – Managing Partner and President of the St. George, UT location has been in the pest control industry and with X Out ® since 2010 and has been a key factor in the founding and managing of X Out ® in the St. George, Utah area.  The St. George, UT location has thrived and grown through providing superior service and delivering superior results.  T.J. personally oversees and manages the St. George, UT location and cares about each customer and strives to insure they each receive the best pest control service in the area. T.J. is also a Husband, Father, Licensed & Trained Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist, Athlete, and Avid Hunter & Outdoorsman.   See contact page for contact info…



Managing Partner of X Out ®  – Kansas City, Kansas location:

shaneShane Petersen – Managing Partner of our Kansas City, KS location  has been in the pest control industry and with X Out ® since 2009 and is the managing partner of X Out’s ® Kansas City, Kansas location.  Kansas City is X Out’s ® newest location and we are excited to expand and grow in this great place.  Shane personally oversees and manages all operations at the Kansas City location and sincerely cares about the customers, employees, and communities in which he serves. Shane is also a Husband, S.U.U. Graduate, Athlete, and Avid Sports Fan.  See contact page for contact info…






AUSTIN, TX (512) 271-5656

PHOENIX, AZ (480) 696-6023

ST. GEORGE, UT (801) 372-5782

KANSAS CITY, KS (913) 608-7223


6001 W PARMER LN Ste 370-102
AUSTIN, TX 78727
(512) 271-5656
TPCL 0718186

7422 E. OSAGE AVE.
MESA, AZ 85212
(480) 696-6023
License # 9049

2466 S 2160 E
(801) 372-5782
License # – 4000-1595
License # – 4001-18193

(913) 608-7223

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