Residential Pest Control

Pest exterminator services for your home and yard


At home we should feel comfort, peace, safety, and confidence; free from worrying about what might be lurking under the couch, under the bed, or in the closet. Free from what might be crawling around in your food or pantry.  Pests can carry diseases, disrupt the enjoyment of our homes and in some cases can cause significant damage. At X Out ® Pest Services, we provide an array of residential services designed to help you keep your home a pest free home.

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We Exterminate...

  • ants
  • spiders
  • scorpions
  • crickets
  • earwigs
  • roaches
  • wasps
  • millipedes
  • centipedes
  • silverfish
  • mice
  • rats
  • fleas
  • ticks
  • grasshoppers
  • moths
  • beetles

An Array of Special Services

Most pest infestations start around the exterior of the home and work their way in.  Initially we flush any pests that may be on the interior of your home out of their hiding places and eliminate them while also applying an invisible barrier of protection on the exterior of your home to dramatically reduce the number of pests that enter in the future. So we begin with a full interior and exterior pest control treatment, then focus on keeping the inside protected by treating the outside on a regular basis to keep pests from getting in again.

In addition to general pest control services, we also specialize in termite control. As the most damaging of all pests, it makes sense to take extra action to get rid of termites or prevent them from entering your home and starting their destruction on your home’s wood structure and other building materials.

All of our residential services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, unlimited free-re services, and a money back guarantee.  At X Out ® Pest Services, we’re a company founded on service, and we want to be your residential pest control choice.

Our Unbeatable Guarantees

  • Results Guarantee
  • Service Guarantee
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee

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