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  • Appearance: Allegheny mound ants are red headed and thorax. They have brown to black legs along with the abdomen. The workers range in sizes, from 3.2 to 6.3 mm. If their mound is disturbed they will bite, but will not sting.
  • Behavior, Diet and Habits: Making tunnels and galleries in the ground is the primary job of the workers. These tunnels go as deep as 1mm; or 3 feet into the ground. As they dig into the soil, they will pile the extracted soil which in return makes the mound. There have been records mounds recorded at about 5mm or 16 feet in diameter, especially those found in fields, and or wooded areas. Mistakenly, these mounds have been confused with those of fire ant mounds. Allegheny mound ants nest in areas such as fields, pastures and wooded areas. They also been found in playgrounds, and residential lawns in rural and suburban areas. The workers will often be found on patios and decks; they usually will not enter the home. Allegheny mound ants eat insects and honeydew. The definition of honeydew is; a sweet, sticky substance excreted by aphids and often deposited on leaves and stems (Dictionary). The ant workers will protect aphids and other insects that produce honeydew. The ant workers will kill trees and shrubs that are shading their nests; they do this by chewing openings in the bark and spraying formic acid. When these ants are disturbed, they will give off a very distinct formic acid odor. If you find Allegheny mounds ants nesting or mounding on your property, it is best to call your pest control professional. They have several methods they use to terminate and control Allegheny mound ants.
  • Reproduction: Queens are the one that produce the eggs that will become workers and reproductive. When a new colony is being established the mated queen and a group of workers will leave their previous colony to decide on a new nesting area.
  • Signs of Allegheny Mound Ant Infestation: A common sign of Allegheny mound ants is of course the mound. There are very few ants in the United States that will build as visible a mound as the Allegheny. Forage for food by the worker would be another sign of an Allegheny mound infestation.
  • More Information: Allegheny mound ants are found along the Atlantic Coast from Nova Scotia to Georgia. The most common areas are the Midwest and Northeast.

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