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Welcome to X-Out Pest Services

Welcome to X-Out Pest Services, where we work hard to provide you the peace of mind you deserve. It is our duty to serve our clients with honesty and integrity, we’re dedicated to providing thorough and effective pest control services and termite control services for your home or business.

With deep respect and appreciation for you and your home or business we are honored to serve you and will use only the best products and latest pest technology to provide superior results without causing a negative impact on the environment.  As longtime experts in our field, we have a wealth of experience that’s hard to find anywhere else.  For general pest control, termite control, spider control, fire ants and more, turn to us first and put your pest problems behind you.

Contact us today to start protecting your home or business and to stop the siege of pests working to take over what is yours. Pests are not only a nuisance but can also be very destructive to not only your home or business but also to your health.  Let X-Out Pest Services safely and professionally get the pests out and keep them out.

Peace of Mind

X-Out® services all homes and commercial properties with the care and safety of children, pets, and the environment as our number one priority. When you choose X-Out Pest Services to protect your home or business you choose a team that is dedicated to delivering you a level of service, quality, and dependability equal to no other, bringing you the ultimate in pest protection, giving you peace of mind. That is what we do, this is why we exist.


More than an annoyance, termites are among the most destructive pests you can have in your home. They eat away at wood and other soft building materials, eventually requiring major renovations. But we can stop a termite problem before it starts or before the damage gets to that point with the right treatment based on proven technology and with your home’s specific needs in mind.

We offer termite control using:

  • Termidor Liquid Treatment
  • Advance Termite Bait System
  • Premise Foam and more

Pest Control

For complete peace of mind.

Control of every type of pest.
From ants, spiders, and roaches to mice and rats, we can create a program to control every type of pest at your home or business. When we take action, pests take a hike for good. At X-Out Pest Services, we use proven methods for guaranteed results.

An inside and outside approach.
After we eliminate pests in your home or business, we tackle the problem from the outside to keep them from getting in again. Outside treatments are usually all that are needed in the future for complete pest control inside and outside your home or business.


Termite Control

For a safe and strong building.

The right approach for you.
Because we have more than one method of termite control, we have a program that’s sure to work in your unique situation. We treat active areas, then create a ring of protection around your home or business that prevents termites from getting in again.

A sturdier home or business.
Termites compromise the structure of your home or business and can lead to structural failure if left untreated. When we take action, termites are gone for good — and that means a safer, sturdier structure for years to come.


Fleas & Ticks

Some pests startle and annoy, but fleas and ticks attack you and your pets, potentially spreading harmful diseases that are difficult to cure. Even when you, your children and your animals escape their disease, you suffer from whelps, itching and scarring that can be avoided. Let our team eliminate fleas and ticks and keep them away using our advanced methods of flea and tick control.

We control fleas and ticks using:

  • Maximum-effectiveness pesticides
  • Modern organic alternatives
  • Whatever it takes for elimination
X-Out offers a few specialty services in addition to our regular Pest Control service plans. To see a list of the most common pests included in our regular service plans go to our pest control page. For more information regarding the specialty services listed below please call 1-512-271-5656.
PESTS included in out pest control services:
X-Out ® guarantees to control covered pests in and around your home or commercial property through regularly scheduled pest control services. If between your regularly scheduled services you need additional services inside or outside please contact us and we will return to re-service your home or commercial property absolutely FREE of charge.
"I am very impressed and very pleased with X-Out's pest control service, even with all the rain any pest that gets into my garage or house is dead."
Cynthia - Sachse, TX
5 Stars (5 / 5)

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